Created in 1999, STC is the owner of a 28-ha historic industrial site, where it houses its facilities. STC is leader in the archiving and preservation of geological heritages.

800,000 m of samples are archived in 25,000 m2 of secure buildings containing 30,000 m of shelving. In addition to samples from the French subsurface, 124 countries all over the world have entrusted us with their samples. Companies from numerous sectors ranging from offshore wind turbines, oil and gas fields, mines, quarries, new energies, hydropower, geothermal powers have placed their trust in us.

Société Technique Commingeoise.

Observance of business rules, confidentiality, security and safety are the basic values shared by our teams. Owing to our expertise, we are asked to participate in large-scale projects not only in France, but worldwide.

This expertise and our knowledge of archiving have led us in recent years to further develop documentary archiving and digitisation. Following its creation in 1999, STC rapidly became leader in the archiving and preservation of geological heritages.

As owner of an industrial site we are constantly expanding our equipment and storage capacities and we can presently store and preserve some 800,000 m of samples from all over the world. Mining, hydraulics, geothermal, oil, gas, new energies – all these sectors have entrusted us with their archiving.

Today our workshops digitise some 2 million pages in all formats and 690,000 files are entrusted to us for archiving in first-rate conditions, in our secure buildings.

Our professional teams, responsiveness and the constant improvement of our equipment make STC a front-line player for the management of your archives.

Our storage infrastructure is protected against fire, intrusion and under video surveillance. Special rooms with controlled temperature and humidity are set out to preserve samples. We provide our clients with the required tools for on-site consultations: thin-section microscopes, binocular microscopes, acid, photo bench.

We also work with our clients when they need to transfer archives or samples to our premises. We manage all the associated logistics, whether in mainland France or abroad.

STC is in constant evolution and its teams adapt to customer needs, offering innovative technical solutions to manage the various upstream and downstream workflows.

A word from the founder

We are located in Boussens, France, a historical geological site, notably in the sector of oil exploration. The site was acquired by the Société Technique Commingeoise in 1999. Our site is well-known to French geologists in particular, but also to geologists all over the world. We have made our reputation thanks to our expertise, and it has enabled us to develop our activity and welcome industrial majors concerned with preserving and easily managing their assets.

Our teams consistently demonstrate impeccable professionalism by their ability to adapt to our clients' needs and by consistently and readily adhering to the company's strategy.

We believe that the growth of our company depends, above all, on the satisfaction of our clients and the well-being of our employees. This approach has always enabled us to carry through all our projects, even those that are geographically far away, such as the design and management of the national core house in Cameroon.

Since 2008, we have developed document archiving and created indexing and digitisation services, a buoyant market in which we are extremely confident. We are presently developing this branch of our business, which shows great promise and for which our teams demonstrate unfailing professionalism. Our work has fast-tracked STC as a leader in France the field of geological archiving and related services. Our development of the documentary archiving and digitisation branch holds promise for the future.

Our teams

Our core house and document archiving/digitisation teams are each highly specialised and proficient in their respective fields.

Our employees have acquired years of experience with our company and are inspired by its ideology – focused on serving our clients. All are aware of the rules of confidentiality, health and safety and their professionalism is recognised by everyone.

Every day, STC’s employees demonstrate their ability to adapt to our clients' needs and constantly invest their time and effort to help develop our company.

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