Your archives are valuable, we know how to take care of them...

Outsourcing your archives will free up space in your workplace by storing your documents in our secure buildings and, you’ll no longer have to perform tedious searches.

If you need help in planning the outsourcing of your archives, we will prepare a quote for a complete archiving plan and the relocation of your archives to our storage facilities. The management of your documents is then monitored by our teams who ensure the classification, preservation of their integrity and compliance with legal retention periods.


Your documents are safely stored in a secured area. The buildings are under video surveillance 24/7, with fire detection and pest control means. Upon request, we make your documents available or digitise them so that you can receive them more quickly.

280,000 archived folders

410,000 technical documents archived

20,000 m of shelving

3,200 m² of buildings

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