The management and conservation of geological heritages require the right know-how and infrastructure that only a core house can offer.

Since 1999, STC has become a leader in this field thanks to the unparalleled experience acquired in Europe.

We are active in all sectors that require geological extraction, including oil and mining exploration, renewable energies and geothermal energy. Owing to our collaboration with the largest French and international companies in these fields we were able to preserve approximately 800,000 m of samples in 2021.

Geological archiving

25,000 m2 of buildings dedicated to geological archiving fitted with 30,000 m of shelving.

The areas dedicated to geological archiving represent 25,000m² fully racked to accommodate 30,000 m of shelving. This enables us to manage core samples by the metre. Handling is easier and the workflow is more efficient. The preservation of geological heritages is not a passive process. The ecosystem is sustained through studies and research involving continuous workflows. Our responsibility is to maintain the field samples in the same condition as when we received them and to store their technical data. Samples are preserved in first-rate conditions, the data is stored, tabletops are laid out for examining field samples, and plugs and slabs are lifted. All the logistics are arranged – geologists and researchers work in a suitable, comfortable environment.


Geological archiving is a living process with constraints in terms of weight and volume. Arrivals, shipping and handling operations represent several tonnes of manoeuvres. We are equipped with tools for smooth, safe handling such as handling machines, forklifts, mobile elevating platforms, electric pallet trucks and an electric stacker.


Samples are regularly taken from rock samples for in-depth studies or research. Sampling is done in close collaboration with geologists or researchers and the machine-tools are used to sample or cut cores or field samples in many different ways. (Diamond Disc Saws - Plug samplers - Photo Bench)

Plugs are sampled from the cores using plug-sampling machine-tools or diamond disc saws. Our processes produce all sizes of plugs (1 inch, 1.5 inches or even more) and can cut a whole core into half cores or into a 2/3 core + a 1/3 core. Cuttings are sampled according to each company’s rules (material to be kept, maximum sampling, etc.).

Photo Bench

A photo bench can take one-metre images of a core under white or ultra-violet light. These core photos can then be examined using special observation equipment.

Key figures from the core house

800,000 m of geological samples

50,000 m of shelving

25,000 m2 of surface area

20,869 m of field samples received

9,099 m examined

4,083 plugs taken from field samples

14,099 m shipped

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